Web Design

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Web Design is one of the most frustrating aspects of building a web solution and the most difficult part to get right. We can provide you with a web design to fit seamlessly with your brand resulting in a user experience which allow your users to engage effectively with your business.

The world of mobile is increasingly playing a larger role and websites are no longer restricted to the desktop. With tablets and mobile phones becoming key ways to browse the web, sites need to be more responsive to adapt their layouts and content to provide a mobile friendly experience that is equally as engaging as their desktop counterparts to break the inherit limitations of web browsing on the small screen. We can provide an all in one solution to make your website as accessible as possible.

Web Development

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Web Development is our passion. We have extensive experience using the latest technologies underpinned by years of hands on experience designing and developing web solutions for our clients. Things move fast in our industry and we like to keep ahead of the curve to ensure we deliver experiences and solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. All our solutions are developed according the latest HTML 5 specification using the latest client side technologies in JavaScript, JQuery and CSS 3 and all our server side code is written in C# using the latest versions of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC platform and the .NET framework to bring you a efficient, effective and powerful site that your business needs to rise to the top.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a key aspect of getting your page noticed by search engines like Google and Bing and is too often overlooked. Getting your web content just right can be complex and in many ways it is somewhat a dark art. No company can ever guarantee getting your site to the top of the rankings but the SEO framework we put in place on all our sites gives us the best chance of making that happen by allowing you to be in control of adding quality content and giving you direct control of SEO metadata.



We host all of our solutions in the cloud using Windows Server and SQL Server for your database requirements. We can provide hosting solutions to meet your business requirements. Best of all we can scale your hosting as your site grows which means you can concentrate on growing your business and let us worry about making sure you site always has the power to serve your expanding customer base.



N2 CMS logoN2 is a lightweight CMS framework which allows powerful sites to be built using the latest Microsoft technologies. It has both a stylish and intuitive user interface which allows someone with Microsoft Office level experience to create and edit the content on your website. You can manage your own website your way! We have been developing using N2 for years and we absolutely love it! And best of all, it's open source which means there are no direct license costs.

Where the open source world of N2 does not meet your needs we also develop solutions using the EPiServer CMS platform which is an enterprise level solution for medium to large scale systems which need that little bit of extra firepower!



ASP.NET MVC is a Microsoft created framework for developing web solutions. It is an enterprise level solution which is not just for enterprise websites. It will give even the firepower to the smallest of websites we develop to make them run they way you need them to to support your business.

We develop all our sites using the latest and greatest features of the web and because we use the latest developments in the technology underpinning the web, we can give your customers the best experience possible both for today and for tomorrow.